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Content Development

Let us be your virtual writing assistant. Contract us on an ad hoc or recurring basis. We provide social media help, website/blog maintenance, blog writing, copywriting, and more. Rather than hiring an employee full-time, get clever by getting only exactly what you need when you need it.

  • Social Media and Blogging – Social media feeds and blogs are great but it’s a lot of work to maintain content over the long-haul. We are available to maintain your social media presence and for blog ghost-writing (or editing to turn your great ideas into posts). Let us re-post your blogs and fun snippets to Facebook or Twitter to help maintain a healthy online marketing presence.
  • Copy Writing – Don’t have a professional writer on staff? No problem. We are available to provide text for your website, draft sales letters, compose blog or print media articles, or polish your writing.
  • Premium Content – Would you like to offer free goodies to your potential clients like e-books, webinars, checklists, articles and more? Don’t have the skills to develop them? No problem. We’ll handle the writing (and design too if you like) to develop unique content that, when given away for free, helps you build a relationship of trust and value with potential clients.

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